Historic District Commission Mission

 The Historic District Commission - The Historic District Commission was created by Ordinance No. 06-03 which set forth powers and duties of the commission and provided generally for regulations and standards for the preservation of historic areas. This Ordinance was approved by the Town Council on August 5, 2003. The Commission consists of five  members  appointed by the Mayor and Council.

The purpose of the Historic District is to provide for the preservation of structures, districts, sites, and resources of historic, architectural, and archaeological significance together with the appurtenances and environmental settings, consistent with the general welfare of the town, its inhabitants, and visitors.

Commission Meetings and Hearings

The Historic District Commission meets on the third Monday of each month.  Hearings conducted by the Historic District Commission are announced as public notices in the "Public Notices and Meetings"  on the right side of the Town's Home page  and on the "Public Notices" webpage. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are open to the public and are conducted over Zoom.

Meeting Minutes

Historic District Meeting minutes are available on the "HDC Meeting Minutes" page. The minutes of historic district ic commission meetings will be posted on the meeting minutes page after the minutes have been approved by the commission at the next commission meeting. Approval of minutes and subsequent posting of the minutes to this web site will be approximately 30-45 days after each meeting.

Modification to Properties within the Historic District Zone

If your property is zoned Historic Residential (R-H) or Historic Commercial (C-H), alterations, improvements or additions to the structure(s) may require approval by the Historic District Commission.  The Historic District Commission has guidelines which is a good starting point for you to read to find out what is permissible within the Historic District.  To start the process, complete a Historic District work permit that is available on the "Forms and Applications" page.

Where is the historic district in Laytonsville?

View or download the zoning map.

Parcels marked in orange (R-H) and pinkish/red (C-H) are in the historic district.

Aerial Photograph - Laytonsville 1970


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