2023 Laytonsville Community Parade

“Salute To Our CommUNITY”

Saturday May 20, 2023

Have a float idea? ...a great car? ...community organization?

Register on-line: http://www.laytonsvillelions.org

Email to: info@laytonsvillelions.org

The Laytonsville Town Hall

is open to the public by appointment.

If you need to do business at the Town Hall, please contact the Clerk’s office to make an appointment by emailing the Town Clerk at clerk@comcast.net or calling 301-869-0042.

We kindly request that persons do not make an appointment if they are experiencing cough, fever, or shortness of breath; anyone testing positive for COVID-19; anyone who has been exposed to a tested positive COVID-19 case; or anyone directed to self-quarantine. Individuals will be asked to confirm they do not meet any of these criteria when making the appointment and upon arrival at the Town Hall.

Please continue to check our website for updates.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Town Clerk at clerk@comcast.net or call 301-869-0042.

Welcome to the

Town of Laytonsville...

  we hope you enjoy your visit!

Laytonsville is a small municipality located in beautiful Montgomery County, Maryland, about 25 miles north of the White House.  We welcome your thoughts, ideas and input on what we can do to make the town and this web site better.  Please let us know if you think something needs to be repaired, improved or changed. 

Residents of the town may be interested in looking at the minutes of the Town Council meetings, Town Services, Town Ordinances, the Town Services and Public Notices.

We take pride in being the government closest to the people.

Photo of Town Hall during Parade



A book titled Laytonsville from Crossroads to Community ,written by Anne Burke Wolf and Jane Griffith Evans is available for sale at the Town Hall for $20.  Cash and checks are acceptable.  Checks to be made to the Laytonsville Historical Center, Inc. 


Quick Links:

A graphical representation of the zoning of all lots within the town as of December 2018 is now available. Click on the image to open it. Due to the size of the image, a broadband Internet connection is recommended.

Zoning Ordinance 

Comprehensive Plan


Stay Informed

Regularly Scheduled Meetings - A number of committees and boards meet on a regular basis to discuss issues pertaining to the town. Additional meetings may be scheduled by each group on an as needed basis. All meetings are conducted at Town Hall.  


Scheduled Meeting
Date & Time


Town Council Regular Meeting 1st Tuesday, Monthly, 7:30 pm Mayor
Zoning Board of Appeals 1st Monday,  Monthly, 7:30 pm as needed Jacob Cecere
Historic District Commission 3rd Monday,  Monthly, 7:30 pm Charles Hendricks
Town Council Work Sessions 3rd Tuesday, Monthly, 7:30 pm Mayor
Planning Commission Quarterly or as needed Eric Wenger


Sign up for Town email notification

If you are a Town of Laytonsville resident and would like to be part of our email notification list, please send your email address  and your street address to 'clerk@comcast.net' or call the Town Hall at 301-869-0042.









Upcoming Meetings & Public Notices

February 14, 2023 •
February 14, 2023 •
April 25, 2023 •

Upcoming events

Items from the Community

April 25, 2023 •

Groups in the Laytonsville area can publicize events in the box above by contacting the Town Hall at 301-869-0042.



P.O. Box 5158
Laytonsville, MD 20882
301-869-7222 FAX

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